Aldo Rose

Raymond Leppan

D.O.B: 20 July, 1979
Birthplace: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 218lbs
Trained By: Paul Lloyd Snr., FCW
Twitter: @Aegis_Rose

Early Life

Ray Leppan was born in South Africa and wanted to become a professional wrestler form the age of 10.

He dropped out of school and ran away from home at age 14, spending 2 years living on the streets and in abandoned buildings. He later said that at this period in his life was full of violence and alcohol and he was spiraling out of control.

He says that although he left home, it was not because his parents weren’t loving, instead it was his decision to reject a loving home. He was later enticed back by his mother on the promise of starting wrestling classes.

He finally arrived in the United States to pursue his wrestling career in 2010. He then met his future wife, Cassandra.

Professional Wrestling Career

Ring Names