Maryse Mizanin née Ouellet

D.O.B: 21 January, 1983
Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 115lbs
Trained By: Al Snow, Steve Keirn, Tom Prichard, Finlay, Ricky Steamboat
Family Ties: The Miz (husband)
Twitter: @Maryse0uellet

Maryse Mizanin née Ouellet is an actress, model, businesswoman, professional wrestler and manager, currently working for WWE under the ring name Maryse.

She is a two-time WWE Divas Champion.

Ouellett spent years modelling, and won the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada in 2003. She was signed by WWE in 2006, after being a part of the WWE Divas Search.

After signing with the company, she was assigned to their developmental territories, Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling, before eventually moving up to Smackdown in 2008.

She won her first WWE Divas Championship in December 2008, and held the title for seven months. She won the title again in February 2010, making her the first person to have held the championship on more than one occasion.

She is currently working for WWE as the manager of her real-life husband, The Miz.

In late 2011, Ouellett announced plans for a clothing and jewelry line, called ‘House of Maryse’. She also began working as a realtor.

Personal Life

Maryse Ouellett was born on January 21, 1983, in Montreal, Quebec, although she grew up in Edmunston, New Brunswick.

She was the only girl in her high school class, and ran the school’s fashion show, as well as developing her own range of makeup products.

She began modelling as a beauty pageant contestant, winning the 2003 Miss Hawaii Tropic Canada, and finishing second in the international finals of the 2004 Miss Hawaiian Tropic.

She also appeared on the cover of Playboy’s 2007 Girls of Canada calendar.

Ouellett is a native French speaker, and can also speak fluent English. She can read Spanish, but is unable to speak it.

She earned a degree in business administration, and is a black belt martial artist.

Oullett says that she was inspired to pursue a career in professional wrestling by Lita, who she cites along with Victoria, as being her dream opponents.

In July 2011, Maryse requested protection from Lee Silber, a 61-year-old ‘crazed fan’. She requested a permanent restraining order, claiming that Silber had sent

numerous terrifying letters to [her] home, and left more than 50 voicemails on [her] personal cell phone, all of which are extremely disturbing and delusional

The restraining order was granted by the court on August 3.

In 2013, Maryse and longtime boyfriend Mike Mizanin, better known as WWE star, The Miz. The couple were married in the Bahamas on February 20, 2014. They know reside in Los Angeles, California.

Professional Wrestling Career

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