Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman

D.O.B: 11 September, 1965
Birthplace: Scarsdale, New York
Twitter: @HeymanHustle

Paul Heyman is a producer, writer, performer, marketer, promoter and professional wrestling manager, currently appearing for WWE as the advocate for Brock Lesnar.

He was the owner of Extreme Championship Wrestling from 1993 until 2001.

Before his involvement in ECW, Heyman worked as a manager in WCW and other promotions under the name Paul E. Dangerously.

In WWE, he has managed a record five WWE World Champions: Brock Lesnar, The Big Show, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam and CM Punk.

Heyman is highly regarded as one of wrestling’s greatest ever on the microphone.

Outside of professional wrestling, Heyman is the co-owner of the Looking4Larry Agency in New York City.

Personal Life

Paul Heyman was born on September 11, 1965, in Scarsdale, New York. His parents are Jewish, his father Richard was a personal injury attorney, he passed away on June 25, 2013. His mother, Sulamita, was a Holcaust survivor, and passed away on February 7, 2009.

Heyman has always shown an entrepreneurial side, and by age 11, he was running a mail order business selling sports memorabilia from home.

In his teenage years, he managed to fast-talk his way into a World Wide Wrestling Federation event at Madison Square Garden, posing as a photojournalist, and was actually paid by the company for several of the photographs he took.

He graduated from Edgemont High School, and attended SUNY Purchase and Westchester Community College, where he worked as a radio host.

He later became a promoter for Studio 54, a nightclub in New York.

Heyman is a single father of two children, Azalea and Jacob.

Professional Wrestling Career

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