The Broken Hardys

Broken Matt Hardy
Brother Nero
Reby Hardy (valet)
Lita (Team Xtreme)

The Broken Hardys are a professional wrestling tag team, consisting of Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero, with Reby Hardy serving as the valet. They are currently working in TNA.

Before their current run, The Broken Hardys were also known as The Hardy Boyz, The Hardys and Team Xtreme (along with Lita).

They began teaming together in 1993, on the independent circuit in North Carolina.

They are best remembered for their in in the World Wrestling Federation, where their exciting wrestling style, put them at the forefront of the WWF Attitude Era.

During their run with the WWF, they added Lita to the team, and became known as Team Xtreme.

After leaving WWE, The Hardy Boyz debuted for TNA, as a part of the Immortal stable.


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