The New Day

Kofi Kingston
Big E
Xavier Woods

Big E and Kofi Kingston had been teaming together, somewhat unsuccessfully for a number of weeks. On the July 21st, 2014 episode of RAW, the team suffered another loss. At the end of the match, Xavier Woods made his way to the ring and addressed Kingston and Big E. He said that they could not get ahead by ‘Kissing babies and shaking hands.’

The next day, on Main Event, Woods would manage Kingston and Big E to a victory over Slater-Gator.

After this however, the group disappeared from television. They did however still appear together at live events.

The New Day

On the November 3rd episode of RAW, vignettes began airing for the trio. They were referred to as The New Day and were shown as a black gospel style group. The New Day made their in ring debut in a victory over Heath Slater, Titus O’Neil and Curtis Axel on the November 28th episode of Smackdown.

Woods and Kingston then took part in a tag team turmoil match to determine the number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships. They eliminated Gold and Stardust but were then eliminated by The Brass Ring Club. This led to a match at the TLC Kick-Off show against Gold and Stardust, which was won by The New Day.

The New Day then began a feud with The Brass Ring Club after Cesaro and Tyson Kidd interfered in a match between Big E and Adam Rose. Cesaro and Kidd disguised themselves as members of the Rosebuds and attacked Big E. This led to a match at the Royal Rumble between The New Day and The Brass Ring Club, which was won by the Brass Ring Club.

On the Kick-Off Show to Wrestlemania 31, The New Day were involved in a Fatal-4-Way tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championships, but they failed to win the titles.

The crowd reaction to The New Day slowly began to change, with the chants of ‘New Day Sucks’ becoming more prominent by the week. Despite the crowd reaction, The New Day continued to be positive in their attitude and mannerisms. The group did however; begin to show more heel characteristics, including cheap shots by the third member during tag team matches. This was the first time Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods had portrayed heels in their time with the company.

The New Day then defeated The Lucha Dragons to become the number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

WWE Tag Team Champions; The Freebird Rule

At Extreme Rules, The New Day would get their shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships against The Brass Ring Club. The New Day won the match to win their first WWE Tag Team Championship.

Even though the official participants in the match were Big E and Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods was also officially recognized as being the tag team champion under the Freebird Rule, which allows any two members of a stable to compete and defend the championships.

On the May 4th episode of RAW, The New Day defeated Roman Reigns and Randy Orton in a 3-on-2 handicap match.

The New Day would then defend their championships against The Brass Ring Club at Payback, in a 2-out-of-3 falls match. The New Day retained the championships when the referee mistook the illegal Xavier Woods for the legal Kofi Kingston, allowing the fresh Woods to get the decisive fall. The following night on RAW, it was announced that The New Day would defend their championships at Elimination Chamber, in the first ever Tag Team Elimination Chamber match.

All three members of The New Day were allowed to participate in the Elimination Chamber match and the trio used the numbers to their advantage in retaining the championships.

The New Day Lose The Titles

At the Money in the Bank PPV, The New Day would have a bad night. Kofi Kingston came up short in the Money in the Bank Ladder match for the championship contract and on top of that, Big E and Xavier Woods lost the WWE Tag Team Championships to The Prime Time Players.

The New Day would get a rematch for the championships at Payback but they again lost to The Prime Time Players.

On the August 10th episode of RAW, The New Day defeated Los Matadores. After the match, it was announced that The New Day would compete in a Fatal-4-Way match for the WWE Tag Team Championships against The Prime Time Players, Los Matadores and The Lucha Dragons at SummerSlam.

Regaining The Championships

At SummerSlam, The New Day would pick up the victory, and once again become the WWE Tag Team Champions. The following night on RAW, the New Day were attacked by the returning Dudley Boyz.

On the September 14th episode of RAW, the New Day retained their tag team championships by defeating the Prime Time Players. After the match their was a standoff between the New Day and their Night of Champions opponents, The Dudley Boyz.

At Night of Champions, the New Day lost to the Dudley Boyz by way of disqualification, meaning that they held on to the tag team championships.

A rematch was then set for Hell In A Cell, when Big E and Kofi defeated The Dudley Boyz and ended the feud.

At Survivor Series, The New Day led their own team, joined by King Barrett and Sheamus, although they left the match early after Big E was eliminated and the rest of the New Day left to tend to him.

Their next title defense came at TLC when they defeated The Lucha Dragons and The Usos in a triple threat ladder match. They then retained the championships once again on the December 22 episode of Super Smackdown Live against The Lucha Dragons, and then again against The Usos at the Royal Rumble.

At Fastlane, The New Day began a feud with The League of Nations that began with the New Day mocking The LON, referring to them as ‘The League of Booty’

This led to a championship match at Roadblock, where The New Day defeated Wade Barrett and Sheamus. The following night on RAW they defeated the other two members of The LON, Alberto Del Rio and Rusev. After the match, The LON attacked the New Day, leading to a six-man match between the two stables at Wrestlemania 32.

At Wrestlemania 32, The LON defeated the New Day, allowing them a championship match the following night on RAW, but the New Day successfully retained the titles.

At Payback, the final of a tournament to crown the new number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships took place, with Enzo and Cass facing The Vaudevillains. The match ended early however, when Enzo Amore suffered a legitimate injury.

As a result, The New Day defended their championships against The Vaudevillains at Extreme Rules, where they successfully retained the titles once again.

On the May 30, episode of RAW, The New Day once again defeated The Vaudevillains in a non-title match via disqualification, after The Club appeared and attacked The New Day.

It was then announced that The New Day would defend their championships in a Fatal-4-Way Tag Team match at Money In The Bank against The Club, Enzo & Cass and The Club. At Money In The Bank, The New Day retained the titles via pinfall after Big E and Kofi Kingston hit a double team Big Ending on Karl Anderson.