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Real Name  William Charles DeMott II
D.O.B 10 November, 1966
Birthplace  Titusville, Florida (USA)
Height  6’2″
Weight  280lbs
Trained By  Johnny Rodz
Family Ties
Twitter  @BillDeMott
Career Information
Titles Held  WCW United States Heavyweight Championship x2, WCW World Tag Team Championship, AWF World Heavyweight Championship, HWA Tag Team Championship, PCW Heavyweight Championship, W*ING World Heavyweight Championship, W*ING World Tag Team Championship
Other Achievements
Ring Names  Bill DeMott, Captain Rection, General Rection, Hugh G. Rection, Crash The Terminator, Hugh Morrus, Man Of Question
Tag Teams
Stables  The Alliance, Dungeon of Doom, First Family, Misfits in Action
Managers  Major Gunns