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Fastlane 2015

22 February, 2015. FedEx Forum, Memphis, Tennesee

Match 1

The Authority w/J&J Security vs Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan

The Authority defeated Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan via pinfall. Kane pinned Dolph Ziggler following a chokeslam. After the match, Seth Rollins was lining up a Curb Stomp on Ryback when Randy Orton returned to make the save.

Match 2

Goldust vs Stardust

Goldust defeated his brother Stardust via pinfall. After the match the brothers shook hands. However, later in the show Stardust would attack Goldust and confront their father, Dusty Rhodes.

Match 3

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Usos (c) w/Naomi vs The Brass Ring Club w/Natalya

NEW CHAMPIONS: The Brass Ring Club defeated The Usos via pinfall after Tyson Kidd hit Jimmy Uso with a fisherman’s Neckbreaker.

Triple H made his way to the ring and called out Sting. The Game offered to do business with Sting, saying that the Stinger could be immortalized on the WWE Network and in the Hall of Fame. The two couldn’t come to an understanding and Triple H attacked Sting. He left the ring to grab his sledgehammer but returned t see Sting had grabbed his baseball bat. Sting pointed the bat at the Wrestlemania sign. It was later announced that a match between the two had been set for Wrestlemania 31.

Match 4

WWE Divas Championship

Nikki Bella (c) w/Brie Bella vs Paige

Nikki Bella retained her championship via pinfall after grabbing a handful of tights.

Match 5

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Bad News Barrett (c) vs Dean Ambrose

Bad News Barrett retained his championship via disqualification after Dean Ambrose failed to break a five count. After the match, Ambrose continued his assault on Barrett and left with the title after hitting Dirty Deeds.

Several hooded druids pushed a casket towards the ring, convincing the crowd that The Undertaker was inside. Instead it was revealed that Bray Wyatt was in the casket. Wyatt cut a promo challenging The Undertaker to a match at Wrestlemania 31.

Match 6

WWE United States Championship

Rusev (c) w/Lana vs John Cena

Rusev retained his championship via submission after John Cena passed out to the Accolade. This was the first time Cena had lost via submission since No Way Out 2004, 11 years earlier.

Main Event

Wrestlemania 31 WWE Championship Match On The Line

Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan

Roman Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan via pinfall after hitting the Spear. After the match the two men shook hands and Daniel Bryan told Reigns that he’d ‘Better kick his ass.’ referring to WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.