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Real Name  James Henry Neidhart
D.O.B 8 February, 1955
Birthplace  Tampa, Florida (USA)
Height  6’2″
Weight  281lbs
Trained By  Stu Hart
Family Ties  Natalya (daughter), Ellie Hart (ex-wife),  Davey Boy Smith Jr. (nephew), Mike Hart (nephew), Teddy Hart (nephew), Stu Hart (former father-in-law), Helen Hart (former mother-in-law), Allisn Hart (former sister-in-law), Bret Hart (former brothr-in-law), Bruce Hart (former brother-in-law), Dean Hart (former brother-in-law), Diana Hart (former sister-in-law), Georgia Hart (former sister-in-law), Keith Hart (former brother-in-law), Owen Hart (former brother-in-law), Ross Hart (former brother-in-law), Smith Hart (former brother-in-law), Wayne Hart (former brother-in-law), Jason Anderson (cousin),
Career Information
Titles Held  WWF Tag Team Championship x2, NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship (Florida version), NWA United States Tag Team Championship (Florida version), MCW Southern Tag Team Championship, MEWF Heavyweight Championship, Mid-South Tag Team Championship, PWF Heavyweight Championship, PWO Tag Team Championship, Stampede International Tag Team Championship x2, UWA Heavyweight Championship
Other Achievements  Inducted into the LPW Hall of Fame 2011, New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2014, Stampede Wrestling Hall of Fame
Ring Names  Jim Neidhart, Who?, The Anvil
Tag Teams  The Dream Team, Hart Corporation, New Foundation, Team Canada, The Teamsters
Stables  Hart Foundation, Neidhart’s Raiders, The Ultimate Warriors
Managers  Jimmy Hart, Mr.Fuji