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On the July 13th, 2015, episode of RAW, Stephanie McMahon called for a ‘Revolution’ within the Divas division. To spark this revolution, Stephanie brought up Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch from the NXT roster to the main roster.

Charlotte and Lynch immediately aligned themselves with Paige, who at the time was feuding with Team Bella. Sasha Banks joined forces with Naomi and Tamina to form Team B.A.D.

Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch were originally known as the Submission Sorority, but a few searches of Google will show you why that name didn’t stick around very long. Instead the team used their initials, to create Team PCB.

At Battleground, Charlotte represented Team PCB in a triple threat match against Team Bella’s Brie Bella and Team B.A.D’s Sasha Banks. Charlotte came out on top, picking up the win over Brie Bella.

At SummerSlam, the three teams competed in a three-team elimination match, which was again won by Team PCB.

Beat The Clock; Charlotte Beats The Champ

On the 31st August, episode of RAW, the members of Team PCB competed in a Beat the Clock challenge to determine the number one contender for Nikki Bella’s Divas Championship. Charlotte came through in the quickest time by defeating Brie Bella in one minute and forty seconds to earn her shot at the gold.

The championship match was scheduled to take place at Night of Champions, but Charlotte had the match brought forward to the preceding Monday so she could stop Nikki from beating AJ Lee’s record for the longest reigning Divas Champion.

During the match, the Bella’s pulled twin magic, but it backfired and Charlotte pinned who she thought was Nikki to win the championship. After the match, Stephanie McMahon appeared and confirmed that due to Brie’s interference, Charlotte won the match by disqualification, but didn’t win the championship.

Stephanie did however; grant Charlotte a rematch for the championship at Night of Champions.

Charlotte Wins The Divas Championship; Paige Turned

At Night of Champions, Charlotte successfully defeated Nikki Bella to become the new WWE Divas Champion.

The following night on RAW, during Charlotte’s celebration speech, Paige took the microphone and said that it was her who was responsible for the Divas revolution and that Charlotte was nothing more than a placeholder, who only got to were she was because of who her father was.