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WWE Performance Center

WWE Performance Centre (Pic: 2k.com)

WWE Performance Center

The WWE Performance Center was officially opened on the 12th July, 2013. It is the official training school of the WWE and is used to promote and nurture new wrestling talent, mostly who are signed to a WWE Developmental contract at WWE Developmental system, NXT.

The facilities are of an unbelievably high standard, including seven training rings, a world class strength and conditioning program, top of the range editing equipment and a voice over room, that allows performers to practice and hone their skills.

Training Staff

WWE uses former wrestlers as the main trainers at the Performance Center. Up until March 2015, the head trainer was Bill DeMott, however, among allegations of mistreatment of talent, DeMott resigned. It is worth noting that he has strongly rejected all allegations.

The current head trainer is Matt Bloom, who had success on the WWE roster as well as in Japan.

Billy Gunn and Joey Mercury are also on hand to train the talents and up until his death on the 11th June, 2015, WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes was a staple at the Center, helping the talent with Mic and promo work.

The Female wrestlers at the Performance Center have their own specialized trainer in Sara Del Rey.

The Center also has guest trainers in to give classes and advice.